About Bomensoft

Bomensoft Ltd. is specialized in artificial intelligence, established as an R & D company, who serves in London to perform studies, researches, designs and approved R&D projects on subjects such as internet of things, deep learning, machine learning. Bomensoft Ltd. aims to create a world that runs on AI and deep learning. Our interest remains the progressive use of these technologies.

Bomensoft is a synonym of success. We specialize in artificial intelligence, internet of things and data analytics using cutting edge technologies such as deep learning, machine learning and more. With a medium of experience across multiple domains, we have understood the need for quality oriented delivery. Bomensoft designs and manufactures all kinds of AI solutions which are based on the NLP, DL, GPU-based systems and technologies

Our Vision is always provide one-stop solutions for commercial applications in areas of AI, Social Networking, Web, Mobile etc. Bomensoft’s Cutting edge has always been the key to success in the competitive industry, driven by endless imagination and innovation.

Bomensoft Services helps you to create up-to-date solutions, by connecting your devices. The cloud solution allows you to gather data, visualize it and let your business work continuously. We will help your business grow steadily, transforming everyday objects into intelligent objects to increase efficiency and profits.

Road map

Bomensoft Computer Technologies

2020 Q2

Bomensoft Computer Technologies was established in Konya Technology Development Zone.

2020 Q3

Microsoft has become a partner.

2020 Q4

Istanbul office was opened

2021 Q1

Ankara office was opened.

2021 Q2

Included in the Nvidia Inception program.

2021 Q3

London office was opened.

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